Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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To You, My Virtuous Lady

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She’s as swift as the ray of light

Glittering every moment till night

Gloriously counting her blessings and forgetting all the memories of pain.

She’s the definition of strength and abundant grace.

Holding fast unto her values

Her dreams are wild, vibrant and impactful.

And oh, her beauty is beyond Lily Chrysanthemums.

Virtue is her middle name and she’s an inspiration to many.

Her love for nature, God and humanity are beyond reach.

She is an all encompassing treasure to have, hold and cherish.

With a queenly smile, her diastema blossoms and a great personality full of faith and integrity is revealed.

If I had all the time

I would have brought out her heart with my pen. But I hope these few lines will ignite more grace and love in the deepest compartment of her spirit.

Don’t stop moving

Don’t stop praying

Don’t stop loving

Don’t stop dreaming because all these make you valuable and fulfilled. The journey continues until your name is written on all the hearts you want to touch both home and abroad.

Blessed birthday, Esther Erajoa Effah(CEO of Queensblushbyesta)

Yours ever,


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