Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The Accessible and Effective Voice of the Century

My Opinion

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I was not born in the 18th century. Neither did I exist in the 19th century. But thank God for history and my acquaintance with time and space.

I believe that a lot of vices took place then. Several loopholes existed the system and people exhibited questionable characteristics. Why do we refer to those times as the “Good old days?” Why do we keep alluding to things of the past as worth emulating?

I am tempted to believe that in our time and age, we give names to unnecessary things, unrealistic achievements and bootless issues. We forget that names are powerful. Names give people a sense of belonging. Names grant safety and most importantly, names grant access.

We are happy tagging a group of people “slay queens”, “side chicks” and the likes. What do we expect? Funny enough, we either give them mames or we propagate their names. After, we mock and judge them when they exhibit their traits.

I don’t know if the demands of the current system inject a bit of frustration and depression into some marrows that they cannot stop spreading materials of undesirable content.

There’s massive audience for ineffective stuff while there’s little or no audience for transformational discourse.

Everyone looks on uncocern may be because the analytical minds are few. It’s all fun until we create a sinister that will hurt us today and tomorrow.

Can we just zoom into appreciable moments of bliss void of all these “drama” on the airwaves, social media, schools, churches and other places? Let’s look back one day and be proud of the past. Let our time become a point of reference also some day.

We nod to Kofi Kinaata’s “Things Fall Apart” but I don’t know if we are waiting for another song or a soothsayer.


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