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Session 2(Written Pack)
Topic: The Twist
Biblical Character: Samson
Focal Text: Judges 13:1-25

Samson’s birth was divine. It took an angel to announce the birth of this gentleman to his mother who has been barren for years. The angel even gave instructions as to how Samson should be brought up. Surprisingly, Samson had a specific mandate. That was to deliver Isreal from the Philistines.

I am sure it never occurred to Samson that he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his mandate. He was a man of extraordinary strength and his enemies were aware of the additional advantage he had.

How could a man of such strength and mandate end up the way he did?

He entered the OVEN and didn’t come out. It’s that simple.
In Judges 16:5, the Philistines handpicked Delilah to destroy Samson. I am not in a good standing to judge Samson because Delilah was up to the task she was given and as fallible as we all are, Samson couldn’t resist the temptation.

Samson did not only lost his self control. He was also distracted and he placed his fate in the hands of his persecutors by revealing the secret of his strength. What happened to his strength and the mandate he was given?

I wished Samson had come out of his OVEN but no, he couldn’t. Just a single action caused him an undiluted defeat.

Oh my, how many times haven’t we allowed ourselves to be distracted? We have allowed our mandates to rot and we have given priority to the dictates of the flesh. Our OVEN experiences could be different but the underlining factors are the same.

Samson would have been able to come out of the OVEN bustling with strength, well baked to fulfill his mandate but he didn’t have the chance to come out of his OVEN.

How sad!

It would have been prudent not to enter the OVEN at all but can we avoid the OVEN? If yes, then let’s try to because not everyone comes out of the OVEN. If no, then let’s pray that we are not consumed by the heat of our OVEN.

Let’s remain focus, consistent and full of faith in the finished works of Jesus Christ and trust God from start to finish. Let’s force our way out of the OVEN.

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