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The Accessible and Effective Voice of the Century


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First session(Written Pack)
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Biblical Reference: Genesis 37:2-36
Focal Text: Genesis 37:6
Topic: Explaining the out of the OVEN concept.

In Genesis 37:2, we are introduced to Joseph, a well groomed young man by all standards. One would have thought that for ‘the coat of many colours’ and the love his father gave him, Joseph’s life will be void of challenges and hard times. But no, Joseph entered an Oven; his OVEN.

Joseph told his family about his dream and that was when his OVEN experience started. Listen, it wasn’t his friends who heard his dream. It was his family; his brothers specifically.

Sometimes, we open ourselves up for jealousy and competition. We tell people too quickly about who we are and what we want to be.

There are times you could have prevented the people around you from being bitter and jealous. Wait till your dream announces you. Yes, no matter what some people cannot just stop being malicious and wicked towards you but do not be the one to put yourself in their hands.

If only we could shut our mouths, our OVEN experience, though almost inevitable, would come naturally.

All the adversities of Joseph started with that one step to share his dreams with his brothers. Can you imagine what could have happened if he had kept quiet? He could have still ended up in Potiphar’s house but not as a slave.

However, the best part of Joseph’s OVEN moments is that he was strong. He had faith, endured the heat, he stayed true to himself and he was focused till the end. He came out of the OVEN and became a leader.

What has your words in the ears of others caused you? Did it put you in your oven?
Just learn your lesson and come out energised for a greater life.

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