Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

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The Toothless Dog is becoming a Fearful Lion.

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I woke up to the #dropthatchamber protest and when I decided to go into it, I realised the campaign was towards a worthy outburst. Months ago, I spoke about a revolution that was lurking in the dark but no one understood it.

I will say it again that rebels are not created in a day but when the basic rights of people are toyed with, rebels are birth.

Honestly, I do not think the youth of this country are rebellious and defensive but our leaders are gradually testing the pulse of these well meaning youth.

I believe the youth careless about how much money enter the pockets of these leaders. All we want is a fair distribution of resources and basic amenities.

Who says the creme de la creme of the youth only use their phones and internet for the wrong reasons? They use the phones to access valuable information and nourish their senses with the goodies other leaders are providing the citizenry.

Did you not see the recent good job President Paul Kagame did in Rwanda? Does he have two heads?

Come on, we are tired of this uncompetitive governance. Mind you, two things will happen come 2020. It’s either we don’t vote at all or we vote wisely.

We may not be interested in how you carry yourselves about but we are keen on how you prioritise issues concerning national development and generations after us.

Don’t allow the toothless dog develop even one tooth.

What’s our offence?

I know Ghana’s problems are not 100% the mishaps of governance but should the leaders be up and doing, the followers will emulate.

We may have to go back to Monarchy because it seems democracy is breeding inconsiderate leaders.


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