Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The Accessible and Effective Voice of the Century

NAKEEYAT DRAMANI, The poet wins TV3’s Talented Kids Season X

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Over the years, we have concentrated on music and other genres of art while relegating poetry to the background.

Poetry hardly goes far and poets have a hard time gathering massive audience. I don’t want to believe poetry is so difficult to appreciate.

However, for once this little angel rewrote the story. With hardwork, eloquence and confidence she won with her heavy worded poems.

At a point I didn’t want to believe that she would be given her due because of other competitors who were into music and dance. But as fate may have it, Nakeeyat changed the narrative. I know she would take poetry beyond the shores of Ghana.

Congratulations, Nakeeyat Dramani.

The sky is your starting point.

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