Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

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It’s Special

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All birthdays are not the same.

Just because you are you, makes you who you are.

So full of life and energy

How can one person have all these qualities?

Put on your crown unapologetically, darling.

You are the stubborn fly that survives even in the waves of the sea.

The billows roll and weaklings are displaced but the strength in you makes you sail even above the storm.

Oh, how beautiful you are

A soul as kind and loving yet fierce and bold

Aren’t you a superwoman?

To have come this far boldly?

You are too sweet to be drowned

Too well grounded to be buried.

Too deep to be uprooted

Too serious to be played with and most importantly

Too hot to be quenched.

I love you, my lovely cousin turn big sister.

Blessed birthday, my love

You are a rare gem worth celebrating today and everyday.


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