Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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Where silence doesn’t imply consent.

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I have been an “Adobe Reader” on quite a number of group pages on social media for a long time now. Very passive and without a single sound.

Oh, how I wish I could comment on some issues. Write something, get interactive and voice my thoughts. But no, the “we are just making fun”, “social media counsellors”, “full length sympathizers ” and my unwavering group members, “Adobe Readers” are members of the internal caucus.

All lending their support to both the victims and the perpetrators. I sometimes wonder how it will be if I could just be a bit controversial, blunt and empathetic.

My blunt self fumes at some of the social issues regarding relationship, parenting and education but how would I do that without being judgemental or lenient?

When would you know if the poster is only making fun? How would you know that you are using hammer to kill a tiny mosquito? How could you be so serious while the poster is only seeking attention?

However, my only barricade is that I don’t want to sound judgemental because that’s so unlike me. Yet, it’s becoming a norm to see people bring their issues to this virtual family for help. The question is whether they receive this help or not.

Some of these issues that are made light of need serious attention and professional advice. The “holier than thous” even worsen the case with their religious and fanatic ideologies in the bid to exhibit their displeasure over some moral issues. The question again is, do these posters get solutions to their problems?

Social media groups are undeniably rather unfortunately becoming virtual families some people run to for cover.

One would have thought that every issue that comes on these platforms should be fun but it’s as if some people are seeking refuge from these “social media relations.” It is almost impossible to see the urgency in some of these issues and act according.

I only hope that we do not end up adding insult to the injuries and propagating self opinions, philosophies and ideologies that will compound people’s problems.

But you know what, some of the issues are real comic reliefs and I must say I appreciate the bravery of both the posters and those who fill the comment box.

But can we seek help from the appropriate quarters? Society is almost failing us and the systems are unfavourable. The last thing we need now which of course we may not be able to handle is when the fun we all enjoy becomes the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

There’s a proverb in my home that says, “even the knife you think you are playing with cuts and it hurts.”

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