Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

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If the systems have failed us, what are homes doing?

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It’s no news now to speak about the ailing systems that have failed us in our time.

It’s quite a bad time because times have changed so much that one is unable to find his bearing without breaking his neck.

Almost all the systems are sick and cannot cushion the holistic growth of the generation.

However, the worst part is that the home, which is supposed to be the first point of call is dormant.

How can a home thrive on a relationship(marriage) that ended the day it started? A marriage between two people who have not discovered their individual purpose? A couple who came together in a rush as if marriage was a sort of business contract?

It’s almost like this generation is racing around a lot of broken tracks.

Couples who are not ready for marriage will not only ruin their lives but that of their offspring.

The home has to bounce back and take an enviable place in the lives of individuals.

Yes, the systems have failed us. But how can we get our homes to take up the duty of good parenting and nurturing?


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