Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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A football goldmine lies untapped.

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A few minutes ago, I was watching a football match between Chelsea FC and Nottingham Forest with some friends

Actually, it was a less profile match so most of the young talents at Chelsea FC got the opportunity to feature.

Among them were two young talents Nathan Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi, who are of Ghanaian decent.

To the point of annoyance, some friends insisted these two players must come down to play for the Black Stars.

At the corner of the room and as if uninterested in the statements being made by my contemporaries I started thinking.

With the enormous football talents we have in this country is it not shameful to be consistently expecting to benefit from the hard work of other countries?

To be frank most English footballers are not as talented as our players.

But the English are reeking in heavy rewards because they took the pains to develop the infrastructure needed to aid them become a power house in football.

The English have used marketing techniques to sell football, clearly percieving football as a product.

I think it is a waste of time to enumerate the woes in our football polity. Too glaring are the mishaps!

But is it too hard for us to just copy what has succeeded for others?

Have our leaders thought about the innumerable youths that could be employed in the footballing sector?

Or maybe it is our inherent shortsightedness that is causing those in authority to forget about legacy.

Kofi Boateng (Ghana Institute of Journalism)

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