Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

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My 2018

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Through out my adult life, 2018 has been a real year; a year of responsibility. I had to make major decisions and it wasn’t a child’s play.

However, I kept moving, I kept thinking and I kept working.

There were times I wept and at other times I yelled at myself but I never got lost in the circumstances and all the mishaps.

Trust me, sometimes the rules don’t work and society has no habitation for you but if you could value yourself and know your purpose, you can create a comfortable niche for yourself.

There are times you have a lot of people around you yet you feel so lonely. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

There are times you feel all hope is lost, get back to the drawing board and put strategies in place.

The conceptual ‘plan B’ is always an alternative. Times when you feel no one cares, please try and care about yourself. It doesn’t take a thing and it doesn’t hurt.

Everyone fights a battle or two every day but those who come out victorious are the ones who defy the odds and keep moving.

The past, forget it and learn from it. The present, covet the opportunities and make life worth living. The future, speak into it, work towards it and look forward to it.

Life is simple: don’t weave a spiderweb out of it. Have you been hurt? Wipe those tears and smile hard. Have you been ignored, don’t worry it’s normal. Go where you will be accepted.

Find your motivation and do what you love. I don’t know how 2018 went for you but I hope you learnt all the lessons you had to learn.

Though we learnt through the hard way, our consolation is in the fact that we have moved from where we were.

Finally, don’t think there will be any form of magic in 2019. Shouting Happy new year with all the clichès doesn’t bring any change if you cannot do any proper evaluation and assement. Let’s fasten our seatbelts and keep on moving.

Remember the tracks are many so pick one and run your race. “It’s not a competition.” Move at your pace and with God, persistent and tenacity, you will get there.


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