Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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Loosened Optimism: A Dreamer’s Christmas

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In a corner of a dark room, I sit.
Outside, slippers and heels clap, heading no where.
Actually, they are heading towards the tongues of the speakers which make me want to lend my ears to a hermit.

A slum? No! An estaste? It should be!
Wry citizens elicit alcohol induced prattle.

My thoughts elevated onto the wings of a soaring eagle,
Are plucked by the babble of the people.

These babble tear down Chinua Achebe’s toil to elevate,
The minds of his kinsmen to nothingness.

A Man of the people
Where are the people?

On a cold, bare floor I wail,
Because of our deafening indifference.
Because of our choice to dance,
In place of realizing this is the chance to pounce.

I wonder why like bees we have sucked our mother into retirement.

Forgetting whatever starts, ends.

I wail because few are nourishing while many are farmishing.
But if the one reduced to a slave cares not who gives a hoot then?

A Christmas spent thinking!
A Christmas spent wailing!

Kofi Boateng (Ghana Institute of Journalism)

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