Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

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Always people keep making analysis and forget to factor in the society which the stories are coming from.

Concerning issues about the Electoral Commission’s reversal to adopt the ‘original’ logo shunned by the former boss Mrs. Charlotte Osei, I don’t know why anyone Should be surprise.

According to a memo by the EC boss, “From effective December 4, 2018, the original logo of the Electoral Commission which bears the coat of arms and has a ballot box showing the hand casting its vote has been restored.”

Dr. Bossman Asare a deputy commissioner of the EC, speaking on Joy FM indicated the ‘original’ logo represents the EC better and will not pose any ‘significant’ monetary challneges. Hopefully so.

Because everything owned by the EC that the logo needs to be embroiled on is definitely going to receive attention from the new logo. Priority?

How the change of the logo is going to ‘restore… integrity, fairness and accountability’ as stated in the memo is quite strange. Can a logo change the mind set of an unrelenting being?

Now, to my beef about the neglect of our opinion leaders not factoring in the larger society in their analysis.

A chunk of us Ghanaians go to the extra mile to look elegant, chic, pomp, classy continue with the adjectives for me. Inward elegance is mostly ZILCH, I mean ZERO. I have nothing against looking good.

We are fixated on #Form, few glance at #Substance. So why are we expecting eagles while producing peacocks?

As Jean-Philip Lawson says, ‘the ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people’, let’s check our backyards to clean our front yards.

For real the EC should be telling us their blue print for the next election.

What’s up with the five year plan, Mrs Jean Mensa?

Kofi Boateng(Ghana Institute of Journalism)

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