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Uncovered manholes in Bubuashie pose a threat to residents.

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Uncovered manholes in Bubuashie pose a threat to residents.
By: Kofi Boateng

Children and adults risk being swallowed by uncovered manholes on an uncompleted storm water drain at Atifidodoo street in Bubuashie.

Residents say construction of the drainage, which started in 2011 and stalled in 2016, is posing as a death threat which needs to be fixed.
The drain is flanked by houses, three churches, a school and two companies.

Of the 21 manholes on the drain, only four have been properly covered and they are in front of Auto Fix Engineering, a car fitting company alongside the drain.
Some individuals dump refuse in the holes, stifling the flow of water under the drain.
According to some residents it is quite usual to witness mishaps on the drain, Gifty Owusu, a food vendor opposite, AutoFix Engineering, said ‘it is a common occurrence to see people fall into the manholes.’

George a supervisor at Auto Fix Engineering, said the company covered the four manholes, at the cost of about ¢200.00 each.

Mr. Theophilus Netty a resident whose cousin fell into the drain and passed away on 10th October, 2015 recounted his family’s ordeal.

‘It took us three days before we found the body. We exhumed the body because the police at Agbobloshie had already buried the body’, he said.

‘After, we gave Laryea a befitting burial’.

However the Assembly man of the area, Mr. David Abalo , who has been in charge of the electoral area for seven years in response to why the storm drain is uncompleted said, materials that were to be used were stolen by some unknown people.

‘People stole the iron rods, that’s why we put the metals on them’. The metals were also ‘stolen’ and ‘driven’ on, so they got ‘broken’, he said.

He added that the drainage was constructed to serve as a road to ‘ease traffic’ on the Kaneshie-Kasoa stretch.

According to Mr. Abalo the activities of the fitting company are rather ‘weakening’ the drainage as Auto Fix Engineering commenced operations without ‘approval’, because ‘work was still on going’
Attempts to get officials of the Accra Metropolitan Roads Department at Kaneshie to speak to the issue proved futile.
But a close source at the urban roads department at Kaneshie intimated that as payment to the contractor seized so did the project.

Kofi Boateng( Ghana Institute of Journalism)

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