Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

The Accessible and Effective Voice of the Century


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I want to share something, hopefully it wouldn’t be a waste of your time.

I accidentally entered a room full of alcoholics, not a VC10, a bar or a pub.

Most of them have been sober for an hour, a day or mostly a week for the strongest.

The atmosphere was so serene I have never felt such an ambience even in a church.

The primary goal among these people was to enrich each other with words.

Basically to let them know that the guilt, disappointment, bitterness and brokenness they were feeling could wane if thier perspectives changed.

They looked unshaved, dirty and smelling stinky, you wouldn’t believe these were rich folks.

There was a guy on the little dais pouring his heart out.

And what a place it was; among people he could identify with. People who will stretch a hand to lift him up. People who will not proffer emphathy while in disguise flaunt their teeth in merry.

People who have hands on experience on how it feels to be in a crowd while still in solitary confinement.

Among them comparison had no roots.

His message was themed ‘Drop It’. I think a few lines will be able to perk most of us up.

“Our life stinks, because we have been feeling guilty, bitter, resentful, unforgiven, proudful, and selfish.

Like school children and their backpacks we have glued our past mistakes onto our skins.

Our minds enjoy replaying hurtful words someone painted us with.

But to become winners and not failures we must detox our minds from those poisonous past mistakes and hurtful acts we have suffered.

Although the world is now more suffocating, even air is becoming rare.

And a few are soaring while the horde is crawling. We can become part of the few if we bury our pasts and render our mistakes as opportunities to learn. Lets Drop the baggage….”

I wish I could recall more.

Kofi Boateng


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