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The full lyrics of Sarkodie’s ‘advice’ to Shata Wale

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Yah me on this beat ego cause you some damages

Last year I went through some challenges

industry, whole lot of hate can’t we just

Love one another in happiness

Fuck it am flourishing

S3 mi wua Titi nkoa b3 di publishing

Industry future nu looki promising

When colleagues dey enjoy in name tarnishing

Where your hype varnishing?

Who gives a fuck about your chicken change property

If being poor be like me then father I beg you just bless me with poverty

I don’t want to snitch on my niggha

But fuck all the bragging and chill Cos honestly

Your whole bank account can’t buy you a tear rubber Vo

But you claiming supremacy

Fuck outta here you be full batti

[Verse 2]

Am tryna leave a blue print

Am from Tema what the fuck did you think?

Mempe Kasa but am touching on a few things

Jai allumi ni sh3 ne kor sh3 cublinks

Paul ah wa ba ntem ni fame nu fo fo nu

Akwara wani ya tsre wani ntor

W)di y3 w) papa ah w) wre fi s3 w)b3 tu nu

W)n hu hwea kra ni sem pii na tutu nu

Brand no be strong enough

If you be strong keep quite you go soon commot

I stayed mute one year saf full support

You showed dick one day you go show buttocks

The last thing wey I want be attention

The whole of Africa ebi me wey dem dey mention

Mi ji mi hu di nti mu timi ma mi tension

Bra na mi tsre mu branding ansa na ma k) pension

Mi ma mu hypertension

[Verse 3]

The only reason I dey do this be sekonf

I’m on a mission to push Ghana forward

I had to put career on hold so that this new artist go cash out some dollars

So if I see some destruction, I for address am cos niggha dey misuse em powers

Only if you all nigghas knew what I am doing

Me and my team have been storming for hours

Confidence is when you able to complement people without you feeling unsecure

So if you feel say you ve got it, no need to downplay the next man

Wusru dudu na fior

[Verse 4]

Ultimate confidence

The brand be solidified that be why my love be pure

My dream is to bring all the artists together

Even though niggha get bank to secure

You came from the ghetto you made it am proud of it

I gave you a long room

So just enjoy I was waiting for you to snap out of it

Mi nu mi nsro nipa bia but asem nti ma busua is full of savages

5 years in the game you are still scared oh God let me just say it how it is

Brother you take the piss

[Verse 5]

This no be beef just stay and listen

Me and you cool no crazy friction

But my frustration be say I dey try move Ghana forward but I’m still baby sitting

New money, new car, new house so you can’t think far

Buh time is running out we for raise bar

Cos after sometime na wu fame ko a

Nobody go get time for your bonshits

So you for see the way you dey approach it

Mempe wua sem a anka mi b3 ma wu notice

Eye wa jimi kakra stay focused

How many times na ma ka tsre wu phone su

S3 dea wu y3 nyinaa no dey need

Mi ti woasi fame nu mi nim s3 abru su

Buh wu ni haw you get love on the straight

Your soul is tormented cos you no dey hustle you be talented

Charlie Mercedes Benz no dey talk chaw still relevance unprecedented

This be the time we for take over

Up till now we no fit sell out the Madison Square but we fighting on Range Rover

Y3 ni su b3 titi yen nah game over

Attention seeking is not bad buh too much of it is chronic disease

S3 anka social media trend ne ma nipa y3 relevance anka obia en feature Mugeez

Sesea s3 mi wua, agro wor wu ani sue who can I trust to control the kids

Until I die Nyankupon ma mi time na mi change industry yi daddy please

Enye saa my soul no go rest in peace

Kofi Boateng


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