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Kofi Boateng writes: LEAVING A LEGACY

There was a man, who placed high emphasis on his name, so high that all his children were named after him.

A successful man in all his endeavours. He got married at 24 with a beautiful woman and had two gorgeous princesses. Life was good. All this happened in the revolutionary era where life was tough and attaining such heights through personal toil was a remarkable acheivement and still is.
Unfortunately, he started sleeping around with other women, introduced himself to to the abuse of alcohol and lost his control and focus.

Life that was on board the Emirates to Dubai, started waning towards the depht of hell on earth – poverty.

The introduction of five other children from four other women stamped him further down.And as a result of being out of work for a long period because of his bad working attitudes money became scarce like snow in the tropics.
But his ego will not allow any introspection that will help him find focus again.

He beleived he was wiser and knowledgable than any other person even in his sorry state. And he affirmed explicitly a verse in the bible, proverbs 12:16 ” Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than him”. In addendum to his earthly purgatory four of his children changed their names – specifically removing their surnames which their father cherished with every bone and blood he owned.

A name that could have made a mammoth impact in his society,country and the world at large was left to be forever a bud. A name that could have propeled his decendants to greater heights was now in the gutters, rejected and dejected. All because of wrong choices that could have been avoided. Uncle Ebo Whyte once said on the super morning show, that he during an audition of one of his drama shows accepted a lady mostly on the basis of what her father had achieved for our country Ghana. This is just the least of what a good and respectable name can do for you and your decendants.

Names like Agyekum Kuffour, Rawllings, Mandela, Kofi Anan and many others will be remmembered
for the right choices they made. Which inturn propeled themselves, their countries and the world at large to be a better place. I therefore entreat each and everyone to toil with their strength to improve and maintain a good and respectable name, that will be beneficial to the next generation.

Written by Kofi Boateng

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