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The Accessible and Effective Voice of the Century


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Two pairs of firm breasts lay claim on the chest of adjoa.
And the joy of adolescence and the sense of beauty clouds Adjoa’s mind as she examines her features.

As she packages her favourite belonging into her dress, she smiles at her image and gives herself a nod of contentment.
After Adjoa’s adolescence, was her singlehood.
A moment of freedom and a moment of independence.

Adjoa’s journey into adulthood became her trap.
With a husband and two sons,
Her breasts satisfied the hungry mouths of two sons and of course her grown son.

It was not an easy task but to Adjoa, that was her duty, her task as a mother and her responsibility to her husband.

Not only did Adjoa lost the beauty of her firm breasts but a lot of other valuables.
Her independence, her freedom, her state of privacy and her moment of ‘I ‘ and ‘me’

However, the state of ‘we’ and ‘us’ became her greatest achievement.

The love, the peace and her responsibilities towards her children assures her of the tomorrow nothing else gave her.

Sacrifices are made for desirable results and that’s Adjoa’s mark of existence.

Mothers are lovely and let go of lots of pleasures to keep their homes and children in good shape. Motherhood is not for everyone but to those who are ready to give the best to humanity and to execute the assignment of procreation.

I salute all mothers;
Biological mothers
Forster mothers
Spiritual mothers
Care givers
Social workers
Cheer up and celebrate because you are great and posterity shall congratulate you on your good work. Happy mother’s day to all mothers and pseudo mothers.

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