Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

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I don’t want to judge you but I am tempted to ask you questions. Don’t answer me but speak to yourself. How will you feel when no one tells you, “happy mother’s day” tomorrow?

Fine, it is not a big deal but it is a sweet quote of love and adoration. You don’t have a child, I am not after you because I pray God gives you one soon. You have adopted a child, God bless you for your thoughtfulness and your care towards that child. You are a single mother, I salute you for your strength and bravery. You are a great mother in anyway, continue the good work. Kudos

But are you a hen?
Who only gives birth without mothering the child? Have you left your child unattended to? Do you send your child’s fees to funerals? Do you buy expensive clothing while your child struggles to cover his/her nakedness? Do you sell out your child for peanut? Are you disloyal towards your ward? Do you hate your ward with the pain his father has caused you? Have you abandoned your child? Do you curse your child? Have you sent your child into exile because of a simple mistake? Has your disregard and disrespect towards your child caused her pain?
You are the one I am after. You may want to know why I want to penetrate your privacy but I don’t owe you an explanation. All I am interested in is to provoke you to do what is needful. Burry your head in your palm and think about how to make yourself useful to your ward. This is the perfect time for reconciliation and a come back. Your offspring needs you, your love, your care, your encouragement and your hand of companionship.

Before I say, ‘shame on you’, please make it up to that child that you have deliberately or hesitantly brought into the world.
Remove the bread from your nose and set your priorities straight. Your child must be your topmost priority.

Are you a child who just doesn’t give your mother peace? Are you on the verge of breaking your mother’s heart? Do you question your mother’s choices because you could barely read and write? What is creating that space between you and your mother? Please, yours is to love her and be loyal to her. You didn’t choose her neither did she choose you so rhe earlier you love her as she is, the better for you.
You need to remove the bread from your nose and set your priority straight.

Join the celebration of love.
Happy mother’s day to single mothers

To those who have lost their mothers, accept my condolences. Be comforted and get a mother for yourself.

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