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Punching Bag

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If a person’s character can be seen across his face then Julie would have known to run from being a man’s punching bag.

When she started dating Frank, she knew he was the one. She was so focused on marrying this man that she cut off from everyone else; her friends, her family- all she wanted was to be with him.

Frank was a nice guy and romantic most of the time. But he was insecure and very jealous. At first when Julie called his attention to his rude behavior towards her male acquaintances, he would apologize and say he loved her and ‘hates to see other guys around you’.

Those words made her feel loved and protected. So loved that she began to see his aggression as a normal behavior of men.

He proposed finally and they moved in together. They hadn’t set a date for the wedding but living together had its consequences and soon she was pregnant. When she broke the news to him he was so angry to her shock. He blamed her for liking sex too much and not being careful. Seriously!

He stopped eating her meals and would call her names, and when she spoke back, he would get physical and shove her.

One day in the seventh month of the pregnancy, she ran into an old friend and had a chat with him. When Frank saw them together he got angry and beat her up when she returned, calling her a slut and questioning the paternity of the pregnancy. He left her in a pool of tears and bruises and hours later forced himself on her.

This caused her to go into premature labor and her baby was born two months before its time. She had become frightened and couldn’t even speak up when questioned by the doctors or her family. When asked to file a complaint against Frank she declined, claiming to have fallen when the doctor’s report said otherwise. Hmm!

Worried that Julie would leave him, he set a date for their wedding and took charge of planning the most romantic wedding. And she forgave him and married him. 😏Though her family didn’t buy into it, they as well as Julie hoped things would be better. And things were better for a while till the baby started crawling.

Frank would get angry over little things, kick and knock her around. He would tell her how worthless she was and how unattractive she had become. She was so broken that she started to believe she was all that he said and felt that he was doing her a favor being with her.

Now when he beat her, she would apologize and would not cry; she was like a zombie. When her best friend Bella came by and saw her bruises she confronted Frank but Julie defended him. When they were alone, he beat her again for not defending him enough. Imagine!

Only twenty-eight years old, Julie had been knocked out more times than any professional boxer in the world. One day in the kitchen while she was cooking, the baby crawled into the kitchen and broke a plate. Before Julie could clean it up, Frank was already in the kitchen screaming at her for being clumsy. She apologized and tried to explain but the more she spoke the more his rage flared up. He hit her and shoved her head into the sink of soapy water.

Julie could feel the soap in her throat and in her eyes, the water reaching into her lungs. She struggled till he got tired of holding her head down. He picked up one of shattered glass and tried to pluck out her eye. Eeii! As she screamed the baby began to cry. He turned at the baby, irritated and shoved it against the door.

That was when Julie realized that her life was a mess. A man who could do that to her could kill her child. She reached for a pestle and hit Frank on the head. He fell, still conscious but woozy. She picked her baby and ran out of the house with her water stained clothes and bleeding eyelid.

Her best friend took her in because she was too ashamed to go home. She was so broken and didn’t know how to face the world.

Days later, Frank found where she was and came demanding her return. Bella refused to let him see her or the baby. He was apologetic till he got pissed and shoved her. But Bella was not the type of woman you shove and walk free. She reached for a pen and stabbed Frank in the eye. Sia! Then she called the police who didn’t show till after Frank had gotten himself out of there, promising to be back.

He never came back and never went home either. No one knows where he is. And as Julie is trying to get her life back together, she lives under constant fear of a one-eyed Frank returning to kill her.

She saw the signs of a violent and abusive man but she ignored it and married him. People’s characters are not apparent on their faces but there are always signs.

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  1. ‘To quit and flee’ are always the best options to take when your partner ever charges on you. No matter your offense at him/her, it calls for no act of physical attack from your partner.
    If he/she can do it for the first time, he/she would continue doing it no matter the form or level of apologies he/she renders to meet an appreciable amendment.
    Often, people who hit their partners inherently do so. So often times than not, you hardly have them turning up a new leaf. Is either you quit staying with them and flee for your safety or you choose to unnecessarily compromise and endanger your life.
    #Good, interesting and very educative story
    #More elbow grease to your efforts
    #Thumbs up

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