Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

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”Educastion” instead of EDUCATION? Yes. Education involves the holistic development of a child where the child is shaped to fit into his/her society. Education gives man a sort of awareness for good living and sound judgement. Education is also meant to shape and develop the individual into a useful tool for social and economic development.

But what do we see in our country today? The system of education is gradually deviating from the norm of EDUCATION to “educastion” where nobody cares about real education anymore. Mind you, education doesn’t entirely mean a structured school system. By Education, we mean both formal and informal education systems.

Gone are the days where schooling and apprenticeship were fun and everyone wanted to be part of one of the structures. Now, rote learning and scores have pushed pupils and students into becoming parrots instead of learners. The wrong use of the internet by the younger generation is also another force to reckon with. All these together with the mass media are “Educasting” the younger ones consciously or unconsciously. I fear that one day, we won’t be able to compete with the global village. We are “educasting” the younger generation with poor subject content, boring educational structures, stereotype ways of doing things and most importantly not meeting the educational needs of the individual.

To be continued…
The old system( middle school, sixth form, O’Level etc) versus the current system(JHS, SHS, UNIVERSITY)
We will compare the two systems and draw a clear conclusion then we take a step of impact.

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