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Loving Two Men

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Is it possible to love two people at the same time and in the same manner?

Anita fell in love with Bruce when she was in high school. She was crazy about him. But only she knew this fact. For a girl to be forward about her feelings for a guy was considered cheap. She loved Bruce from afar and that love grew with her. 😑

Years later, close to the end of her college education she met Andrew. Andrew was a great guy. He loved her the way she deserved. He was the kind of guy who was so attentive to details and never forgot a date.

Andrew however had plans after his service. He wanted to take a professional course out of the country. She was in love with him, she promised to wait no matter how long it took. Andrew was not a guy you easily came across; she knew what she had and she wasn’t going to let go.

The most stressful thing about missing Andrew was that she couldn’t get in a taxi and go to him; he was oceans away from her. Andrew did well to keep in touch. At least once a day, he’d call.

Now even though she still missed him, she was assured he’ll be back and she was at ease.

Anita woke up from a sweaty nightmare one night. She had heard it being said before that dreaming about having sex with someone was a bad thing. So she prayed. She prayed hard. But she wasn’t scared because the person she dreamt of was a person she knew. It wasn’t Andrew; it was Bruce. 😕

The next day, the dream still lingered on her mind. It had been so long since she saw or even thought of Bruce. How on earth did he whine up on her mind!❓

She entered the post office one afternoon and as if the universe heard her question, she had an answer. She was surprised to see him. Suddenly, she became the shy high school girl, timid and coy. She tried to avoid being seen by him but he had already seen her. He walked to her.

She hated how her voice shrank as she spoke to him. She thought she had gotten over her feelings for Bruce- her silly teenage crush. Suddenly she could feel in her stomach a tingle anytime he sends her a text.

Her mind was so clouded with thoughts of Bruce that she didn’t even notice that Andrew hadn’t called in days.

Bruce became a friend. The guy who didn’t notice her before was giving her so much attention and she loved it. He was really sweet and caring and he was beginning to fall for her. What!

The timing was so wrong. Why didn’t he fall for her years back. Then Andrew wouldn’t be an obstacle and she wouldn’t be so torn. Truth be told, she still had feeling for him. She had feelings for both men. Crazy! 😑

She came clean about Andrew to Bruce and he was disappointed. But he was hopeful and that was a problem. It would have been easier if he had drawn back but he didn’t want to.

Now Andrew was back and Anita was avoiding him. In fact she was avoiding both men because she feared that the first person to give her pressure was going to be the person’s whose bubble she’d break.

But Bruce was impatient and so he looked for Andrew. Andrew was furious to know that his girl was having trouble choosing him over another guy. So they set her up and ambushed her. They wanted to know once and for all whom she wanted.

There she was in the restaurant, thinking she was there to meet Andrew, only to find Bruce also there.

‘Do you love me…’, Andrew asked her ‘or do you love him?’ It was quite a simple question and both men looked at her expectantly.

She hated the ambush. How dare they put her in a spot like that! She didn’t cheat nor was she two-timing them. She had done nothing wrong. Except for being uncertain of her feelings.

Andrew made her feel loved and desired and special, he made her feel like a woman. Bruce made her feel like a fairy princess in her fairytale; her teenage dreams come true.

She choked on the answer because she loved them both, she loved the way they both made her feel and the way she felt around them- she loved them both the same way. She cleared her throat but she couldn’t answer; it wasn’t a simple question because there was no simple answer.

How would a man feel about the woman he loves loving another man the same way she loves him; no man will be happy about that!

And clearly love is gone when the lover is absent.

The question though, is it possible to love two people at the same time and in the same manner?

2 thoughts on “Loving Two Men

  1. Anita is a whore and a toy. 😀 Definitely not wife material. A woman shouldn’t be distracted but rather focused enough to know what she wants. But here we have the usual unfortunate scenario of indecisiveness.

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