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Wife Material

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He bathe and cleaned and did the house chores because his kids were just babies…

Ivan loved flashy women; the kind who wore a lot of makeup and dressed classy. He didn’t like simple things, ‘simple things are for ordinary people’ he would say. He was aware that flashy women came with a price tag because he had dated so many of them. He had the money. He didn’t mind.🤐

When he met Lily, she had a boyfriend; the girlfriend of his close friend. He was captivated by her beauty; light skin, voluptuous and classy. She had a good job and drove and nice car, lived in one of the best communities in the city and in a fine apartment. She was made, she was a wife material- and he just had to have her. 😏

He went behind his friend Jay’s back and asked Lily out. It was an innocent request and she didn’t read meaning into it. On their lunch date he went on about how Jay was a womanizer and how he never takes women serious. He admitted to himself inwardly that it was the lowest he had stooped to get a girl’s attention but he didn’t care. He had to have this girl.

Lily was a little unresponsive after the lunch. Frankly she was wondering what kind of friend Ivan was to have said all those things about his friend. But over the course of the next week she began to get suspicious of Jay and started monitoring him. What she found was not ugly; he wasn’t cheating on her, but he was flirting with other girls in his chats. ‘Well if he could flirt then he could cheat’. She broke it off. 🙄

Jay was shocked to find out weeks later that Ivan and Lily were going steady. Ivan didn’t care and made no apologies. He had the girl, the dream girl, the wife material.

Yes, he popped the question in less than three months and they were married within a year.👰🏾 The wedding was the drop-jaw kind of ceremony. Ivan was so proud of himself and so shameless that he invited Jay. Jay didn’t miss it for the world. He came with his new girlfriend and made merry. ‘Get ready for Lily’, he thought to himself.

Wedding blues in the beginning was amazing; it was like honeymoon everyday. Then Lily became pregnant and was delivered of twins. She stayed home through her maternity leave and went back to work immediately after.

She hired a nanny to take care of the babies while she went on climbing in her career. She barely saw the babies and in fact, refused to breastfeed them because she didn’t want her breast to sag or stretch up on the skin. She didn’t argue but she didn’t care what Ivan had to say.

Ivan would come home to an empty kitchen and crying babies who were obviously tired of the supplement their nanny fed them. Noodles became his dinner. He missed home-cooked meals, he missed sex, he missed being a man.

One time when Lily was on a business trip and the nanny called sick, he bathe and cleaned and did the house chores because his kids were just babies; It’s not like he had a choice anyway.😕

One night, he drowned himself in alcohol knowing he had become the laughing stock among his peers. He got home in a stupor, unaware that Lily was home, he began to make passes at the nanny and when she ignored him, he got physical with the nanny and tried to force himself on her. Lily walked in on him and in disgust for his behavior, packed her things and moved out with the babies and the nanny.

When Ivan became sober and realized what he had done, he began to call Lily to apologize, not the girl he tried to rape. Late afternoon of the next day he was arrested. Later released on bail, he was due for a court hearing.

To his shock it was Lily sponsoring the case of the nanny against him. She also promised him that after his attempted rape case she was going to file for a divorce.

He saw, he wanted, he conquered. Karma is a bitch!

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