Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The Accessible and Effective Voice of the Century


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We dress up beautifully and go to church. Carry the best versions of the Bible and run around looking all busy and all out for Jesus Christ and the Gospel. When the worship team climbs the stage to lead us in worship, we get into the mood of worship by lifting our hands and murmuring words of motivation instead of words of adoration. We cry, we moan, we seem so intimate with God. At that moment, we switch from carnality to spirituality as if spirituality was a dress we could pick and wear anytime we wanted.  We just caress God with unrooted words of love and praise. Words that would not last after the moment. The romance does not end there. It continues till the man of God mounts the pulpit to preach the word. We shout the loudest Amen and the thunderous Hallelujah and it excites some of the preachers.

We get excited and emotional and then we bribe God with fat offerings. What a serious romantic journey.  The word is on our lips but has no place in our hearts. There is nothing personal between he creator and the creation. The love affair is just built on here say and what spiritual fathers(Papa) have told us and what we see around us. The spirits of discernment and wisdom are loosing their values in this generation because we are only on a romantic spree; enjoying the moment, making fake promises and getting excited at the slightest opportunity.

We fail to allow God to penetrate us and make us fall in love with him afresh. We push him away with the affairs of this world and we are just fine. Nothing concerns us about the Kingdom. We do not want to be like David who fought Goliath because Goliath was defiling God. No Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and no Daniel and the three Hebrew brothers to say they will never bow to anything that is not of God. We see the Holy Spirit as a rival instead of a teacher, a friend and a senior partner. We forget that a romantic affair never lasts beyond pleasure. Let us acknowledge who we are in Him and allow Him to take us forward in faith. Enough of just adding Jesus to our names. Let us surrender all to Him. God is tired of the romance. He wants to penetrate into your soul, body and spirit. Just open up to Him In sincerity of heart and particles of true love through the spectacles of faith.


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