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Jane wakes up to an excruciating stomach pain. The pain keeps her in bed for two extra hours. She groans in pain and decides to visit the loo. She reminds herself that she has to go to the public toilet since there was no place of convenience in her home. She feels very uncomfortable going there but the situation is beyond her control. She limps carefully towards the place. As she gets closer, she realizes that the queue there was longer than the left arm of the monkey. So she makes a move to return home but suddenly, her anus cried and she admits she has to attend to this particular nature’s call. Unknown to Jane, a young man from the queue has been watching her. Kwabena is a strikingly handsome and gentle young man in his late twenties. He offers his place to Jane and this act of kindness brings the two together. A good friendship begins and the duo get to know each other every passing minute. Kwabena and Jane’s relationship develop stronger and stronger until they got engaged.

They promised each other a “happy ever after” marriage. However, that day never came after they got married. The couple started going through a lot of challenges and the vicissitudes of life knocked them out of their faith in God and everything that had to do with the Christian walk. Jane introduced Kwabena to a young wealthy man for help. Kwabena became a frequent guest in his new friend’s luxurious home and after some months Kwabena became very rich. Not only was Kwabena rich but he was also very powerful. The occult group gave him dreadful powers and influence. He enjoyed the cloud of darkness until he was told to put down Jane as his sacrifice for a higher level. Kwabena failed to speak to Jane about his ordeal with his grand master because he preferred to keep it all to himself. It was at this point that he realized he had gone for an Eve instead of an Abigail.

While eating one morning, an Evangelist visited the couple and preached Jesus Christ to them. Kwabena gave his life to Jesus but Jane refused to surrender the riches they had accumulated out of occultism. She left the house and joined a group of young ladies who were noted to be on top of their game. Kwabena met Jane after some years and persuaded her to come back but the materials of the world made her rebellious and insensitive. One would have thought that Kwabena would give up on her but he didn’t.

He kept interceding for Jane’s salvation until Jane eventually confessed Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal saviour and their love affair was rekindled. They now have not a ”happy ever after” but a happy day everyday, every moment.
Adam’s Eve is now Adam’s woman.

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