Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

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Safoa writes:
Dear God,
Please, close your ears to your numerous children and hear me out. God, when was the last time you spoke to me? When last did I hear from you?
I only hear outsiders invading my privacy all in the name of ‘thus sayeth the Lord.’

I am not able to fathom what they mean with all that drama.
God, I guess it will be better to hear from you personally. Use my dreams, visions, the word and the Holy Spirit to address me explicitly. Forgive me if you think I am dictating to you. I dare not.

However, it is necessary that I comprehend your will and that’s all I am asking of you. I didn’t want to send you a report o because you know everything and see everything. My report is that some of your men and women are becoming something else. The contradictions, the exaggerated truths, the selfish interest among others are beginning to terrorise the minds of your children.

But God, you see, you have to act fast because casualties are springing up. Speak, oh Lord.
I hope my letter will meet your maximum consideration.
Your princess,

1 thought on “SAFOA’S LETTER TO GOD

  1. At a point I thought I was writing! I think safoa stole my letter. On a more serious note, I have prayed this way on several occasions too

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