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The Accessible and Effective Voice of the Century


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She is a one guy at a time kind of lady with racing emotions. Emotions that last as long as the man lasts. She looks forward to a happy home one day but the question is, do happy homes exist?

She meets a God fearing young man and she is carried away by the sharp prophetic gift and the long hours of prayer. Which lady doesn’t want that anyway. The journey of “I will marry you” starts and all hands are on deck. Ha! Would it last? Would it even get to a courtship stage?

She keeps reminding herself of her kind of guy but the thrill of dating a hard core church guy keeps the adventurous mind going. They keep going and going. At the relationship stage, Edna hopes to feel the adhesive that causes two to bond in a relationship. The “I will marry you” sermon is just not enough.

Edna’s church guy, Carlos does not get it. He keeps assuring Edna that life is better that bonding and that the chemistry does not have to be physical. Ha! True? I know of spiritual agreement and physical chemistry though but who am I to question the seemingly “these are things of the spirit.”

Edna starts looking for an escape root from all angles. Tactful and smart as she is, she starts breaking the grounds to look for the missing dots and lines.

She finds an escape root eventually and it gives meaning to the master plan. The next hurdle to cross is the execution of the master plan. Guarded with a quantity of spiritual knowledge, she sets out to deal with the spiritual root of the emotional scandal she is working on.

Carlos starts blaming the devil for the unforseen circumstances in the relationship. What he fails to acknowledge is that there are ties that bind while there are ties that never bind. Admiration does not guarantee a relationship neither does it keep a lady like Edna. She wants someone she can smile hard with, someone for the camera and someone who knows a bit of everything. Not just an imbalanced spiritual mind. Not harsh, is it?

Edna’s sub conscious mind takes her to the prophecies of both professionals and unprofessionals. “You will marry this year” , “Your time has come”, “God has opened a marital door for you”, “Don’t think of how it will happen. Just trust in God and take a bold step of faith”. “Hmm, I feel you should pray about your relationship again”. Let me take a nap of laughter at this point. Hahaha hahaha…

What a sane spiritual confusion!
I hear a lot of them saying there is no confusion in the spirit but their words cause confusions. Or how is a crossroad called in the spirit? If there are no crossroads, then some are creating spiritual crossroads in the little minds of some Christians. Especially in the area of marriage.

Edna loves the Lord and she is prepared to go all out for Jesus but she loses trust in her predecessors. At this point, nothing seems to make meaning and the battlefield of the mind starts an incompetent war of a long questionnaire.

In the quest of finding answers to the questions and displacing Carlos permanently, Edna gets wild and a new adventure begins.

Edna is now entangled in a thread; not a web. A web is easily disentangle. An emotional scandal is looming in the dark. Who will get hurt and who will go unpunished? Who takes the blame?
Is there a concept of “spiritual terrorism?

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