Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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The online advanced dictionary defines proximity as closeness; the state of being near as in space, time, or relationship. A great definition. Isn’t it? I quite remembered how this word helped me to write a love letter to my rival years ago. I am glad today, I don’t have a rival to write a romantic letter to. But I have lovely parents and potential parents to address.

Dear Parent, the principle of proximity cannot be undermined in the human race. Over the years, parents ask themselves a lot of questions they do not have answers to. Who is my child talking to? Do I have a place in my child’s heart? What is my child thinking about? and a host of other questions that show  little or no relationship between the child and the parent.

However, what parents fail to acknowledge is closeness with their offspring. The real problem with the Parent-Child relationship is the inability of parents to bond with their wards. The child is thinking and acting in a particular direction while the parent keeps wondering why the child thinks and acts in a particular way. Instead of wasting time on asking questions that would not produce answers, spend time with your child. Create an atmosphere that will help both of you to discover each other daily. The umbilical cord did not bind a child to the mother in vain. God placed it there for a purpose. Do not permanently cut it by creating gaps between you and your ward.

Get closer to that seemingly problematic child, get to know him or her and work out growth in a positive dimension and you will be amazed to see a 360 degrees transformation.  Parents, your wards need you. The closer you get to them, the more positive impact you make on them. Some have built the walls of Jericho around themselves but do not use to mechanism of shouting to bring down the walls in this case. Use the principle of proximity to penetrate and the walls of Jericho shall be broken into debris.  How do you tame a lion if you don’t know how to handle a lion? As long as you allow the lion to stay in the bush, the lion will be in its elements.


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