Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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Face-Time- short christian film

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Young people of today and our ‘minigods‘! Our electronic devices, our social media, our virtual world. We have become so engrossed in the things of the world that we have neglected to give God some face-time.

Face-Time is a Christian short film about a girl who spent all her time trying to get the attention of her ‘mini-god’; her boyfriend. But he never makes time for her. She meets another guy though but is he going to whine up like the first? Inattentive?

The story shows the importance of friendliness and why we must not be prejudice as Christians. Most importantly, it tells us how much God loves us and why spending time with him gives us inner peace.

The Bible does say ‘Seek first the kingdom of God…’ So, have you Face-Timed with God today?


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