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The Ultimate Bad Boy

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She snorted cocaine because her mom told her to ‘do whatever he says’, even if it meant kissing a frog…

Regina always listened to her mother. She respected her mom more than anything in the world. Her mom raised her alone; she was all she knew as a parent.

Regina and Nana grew up together. They had been friends for so long that people got confused about what kind of relationship they had. Nana was good to Regina. To him, she was all he wanted in a woman. To her, he was just a good friend. That’s right! Friend-zone. 😒

Regina dated a clown on campus against Nana’s advice. He knew the guy was a deadbeat who only used girls but Regina was confident he was a saint. He not only stole her school fees but also almost burnt down her hostel with cigarette he didn’t put out after smoking in her room. 😏

Regina dated yet another jerk. This one in particular didn’t only whine up cheating on her but he left her on the sidewalk in the middle of a rainy night. She called Nana and he showed up around midnight with an umbrella, a handkerchief for her tears and his shoulders to lean on.😑

The list of idiots Regina was attracted to was endless. Nana didn’t only feel sorry for her but he was frustrated at how she allowed losers into her life yet not see how much he loved her. He wanted to treat her the way she deserved; like a queen- his queen. But he couldn’t voice out his feelings, afraid she would feel awkward and mess up their friendship. Nana remained a good friend. He stayed silent. 🤐

The day he grew a pair and decided to speak up was the day he lost it all…

He walked her home as they do every Saturday to eat her mom’s famous jollof. This time before they would enter the compound, he held her back by the arm and tensely professed his feelings for her.

She was stunned but she was relieved that he final spoke because she had known for years that he had feelings for her. He was a good person and he was always there for her. She didn’t love him the way he did but she was willing to give it a shot. Nana was thrilled. The happiest day of his life… Well let’s put a pin in that. 📌
Regina was sure that her mom would be happy to hear that Nana and she were giving it a go. She was wrong!

There was a huge vehicle parked in the house; posh and expensive-looking. As they entered the sitting room they were greeted by the wonderful smell of the jollof, of course, and Pogue.

Pogue was handsome, light skinned, curly hair with a white smile and the sexiest American accent. He obviously worked out because his sleeves were suffocating his big arms and chest. Even Nana could not help but stare at this young man who apparently owned the car outside.
Regina’s mom was excited to introduce him. He was her friend’s son. He had just come back to Ghana to visit his dad for the first time. His mom was still in the US but asked him to check on her old friend.

When both men had left, Regina told her mom about Nana. Her mom forbade her to date Nana to her surprise. Pogue was a nice boy and would take her abroad if she wins his heart. She was to hangout with him and show him round town. ‘ You’re a smart girl, you can make him fall for you’.

Regina was confused. True she didn’t love Nana but she couldn’t hurt him like that, not after just accepting to be his girl. But she owes her mom everything and her mom knows what’s best for her. O please! 😏

Even before the relationship began, it ended. Nana was so shattered that he didn’t know if he could continue to be friends with her. He was so embarrassed and hurt. He kept his distance.

Pogue and Regina started their relationship. He had money to spend and he spent a lot on her. He took her to places in the city even she didn’t know existed. She was having the time of her life. Until things started going hullabaloo.

He liked to ride bikes without a helmet on high speed. He drove carelessly and he liked to party. She was barely getting any sleep and was failing her courses. When she broke it off, he called her mom. Her mom told her to make up with him. She complained that his life was too fast for her. Her mom told her to please him no matter what. ‘Please him so he takes you abroad. Do whatever he says’, she commanded her.

So she did. She smoked weed with him and did all kinds of sexual acts she was appalled of doing. And then came the big one, cocaine. How and where he got cocaine in the city he had just come to was a shock. His answer was, ‘money opens doors’. Her mom would agree. She wasn’t going to cross that line but she had already crossed so many. She snorted cocaine to please him, because her mother told her to.

It had only been two months but she had done what most people would do in a lifetime; lived a reckless life. 😕

Then one night at home she got a text from a foreign number: ‘Hey bae. Miss you already. We had fun didn’t we? Let’s do it again when next I come to the motherland xoxo’. XOXO? Who even uses that these days!

How could he leave without telling her! But he did tell her and she was okay with it; she was so high that she nodded to everything he’d said about returning to the US that night.

What a fool she’s been. What a joke! To make things worse, her mom blamed her for not being able to keep a man. The things she did, the unspeakable things she did with Pogue! Her shame dried up her tears. The shame she felt, the hate she felt for herself.

Then Nana gets a call. It’s Regina’s mom. He ignores the call but he’s a good guy so he calls back. ‘Regina needs you’ Newsflash! 😏

She tried to kill herself… What!😳

Nana goes to her and comforts her, once again as the handkerchief and shoulders to lean on. She gets better and they become friends again. Then she says she is sorry for leaving him for Pogue. She wants another chance. She loves him and wants to be together again. But were they together at all to begin with? 😐

Nana is now in a tight spot. He still loves her but isn’t sure if it’s the same love he professed two months earlier. And not only doesn’t he want to be her rebound guy but he doesn’t know if he could look pass all the things she and Pogue did together; it would surely haunt him…

Boy-and-girl friendship has always been tricky; either of the two is bound to fall for the other. That besides the point, should we let our parents run our lives because they raised us? 🤔

Nana’s concern is that should he reject Regina, once the love of his life, she would try to hurt herself again. What should he do? What would you do?

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