Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The Accessible and Effective Voice of the Century


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Maame Akosua looked on while Philemon exfoliates his skin with his tears. It was a moment of an emotional display but Maame Akosua allowed the moment to linger on since Philemon was not the first to exhibit that in front of her. She allowed Philemon to cry his heart out. After close to 30 minutes, Philemon found his voice.

He spoke in a low tone as if to whisper his problems than to announce the problems. “Ma’am, everything was OK with me until a couple of issues hit me. I fell out of love with my lady and I couldn’t handle the thought of keeping her without loving her. I told her to give me sometime to figure out how to revive the relationship but she decided to leave me. Funny enough, I was hurt. I was hurt because I couldn’t keep such a great lady. After a month, I had to deal with family issues, financial problems and all the other petty petty problems life throws at us. I was depressed, confused and I almost lost myself. As a Christian, I tried to hold on to faith but I couldn’t and that was when I realized that knowledge alone was not enough. Application was more necessary but I lacked it and it was difficult for me. I was totally confused and this morning’s circumstances got me derailed.” He sighed and remained silent.

Maame Akosua interrupted his thoughts by speaking assertively. Maame Akosua spoke to Philemon at length and encouraged him. Philemon stood up inspired and energized. He realized that there was more to life than his problems. Maame Akosua really worked on him. The scriptures Maame Akosua gave Philemon helped him to recover. Philemon was liberated from the spirit of confusion and life continued. A simple talk saved him from destruction.

Hold on to faith and you will be liberated.
Life is great. Enjoy yourself and do not give up until you motivate yourself and eventually make an impact on someone and others at large.

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