Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

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Wedding Stress Causes Weight Loss

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We all know that weddings have become the latest craze and still trending. I’m not saying marriage is a trivial fashion, I’m saying getting married has become a trivial fashion.

The pre-wedding activities for instance; I don’t know who came up with them and why they have become a new culture in wedding planning because if he/she could patent the idea, he/she would make a fortune from all the people jumping onto it like that is all marriage is about.

And no offense to my creative brothers and sisters in the photography business but your charges are outrageous!

The issue however is how much wedding planning can stress out a person. If you are a perfectionist who would not leave the organization of your big day in the hands of a wedding planner then be sure to bare in mind that you would be stressed out.

Its not just the gown and suit, the cake and decoration, the location and mobility or even the rings. Its if the weather would be good on the set date, the sitting arrangement and if the guest will show in their numbers, if the buffet will suffice, if both families will be pleased and the list goes on.

The petty squabbles between you and your would-be-partner, disagreeing on color, whose parents sits where and whose friend gives the toast, the constant anxiety of whether one person would change their minds and not show; the  uncertainties, emotional torment.

In the end you lose weight and your suit or wedding dress is lose. And from what I’m told, some couples are so tired at the end of the day that they don’t even consummate; they just go to sleep.

Why the big fuss? Because its trending!

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