Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

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Kwame’s repentance lasted for a day.

Kwame, a University graduate keeps exploring the dark. His friends; Kojo and Akua consciously remind him to get back on track but their efforts proved futile. Kwame enjoys the aroma of darkness and the veil the darkness provides.  Carrying a baggage at night is obviously better than doing so when the sun is smiling awkwardly.

It’s Sunday and everyone is getting ready to go to church except for Kwame who wants to enjoy the hug of his bed.  His siblings lock the door behind them and their footsteps are buried in the distance. Towards mid- morning, Kwame decides to fill his stomach. He opens the door and heads straight to the kitchen. The kitchen is empty and it irritates him.

Moving towards the ‘’waakye’’ joint, Kwame shared pleasantries with a couple of friends. He buys his favorite morning meal and he walks back home.  Kwame makes himself comfortable in the couch and turns on the television.  All he wants to do is to eat, sleep and catch some fun later in the evening so his attention is not really on the television.  But a sound catches his attention and he looks on the screen. He shoves the plate aside and watches the screen closely. The agony on Jesus’ face breaks him down. What Kwame is looking at now cannot be the compared to the Sunday school story he was told about the death of Jesus. He pays attention to every detail of the movie and he sobs.

Kwame reminds himself of all the sins he had committed and he condemns himself.  He buries his head in his palms and he cries for help. He prays for forgiveness and promises God never to commit any sin again.  He is on his knees until the movie ends. He rejects his sins with his lips but is his heart in agreement?  Kwame couldn’t go to the club that night because he said he had repented.

The next morning, Kwame visits his friend and his friend welcomes him properly with a glass of original vodka. Kwame does not refuse the temptation but he embraces it.  After some hours at his friend’s, Kwame is back to his old self. The tears, the emotions and his sympathy for Jesus did not even cross his mind. He goes back into darkness and he forgets the stripes of Jesus together with the promises he made to God.


Repentance cannot be a day’s adventure. We are in the Easter season and the movies will surely hit our screens soon.  Let our repentance go beyond our lips and enter our hearts.  Genuinely seek God.







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