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The Accessible and Effective Voice of the Century


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His brain became hot as his mind raced towards the estuary of his heart. His heart keeps failing like a clock with a bad battery. How could he explain to the world that life had become a kernel to him and everything around him became an issue of massive concern.

The why questions kept his mind busy while the what ifs made his brain break into pieces. Nothing seem to move around him. The lashes of pain hit him hard on his flexible boneless butt. How can his long time companion do this to him? His companion, an old pressing iron that made him look good on the outside every day of the week had just stopped working that morning.

He slipped his pathetic body into a pair of old trousers and a new shirt. He placed his cherished wrist watch on his wrist and moved out of his room.

Confusion filled his heart so he didn’t realise he had done an unfinished business with the wrist watch. He stormed out of his room and after closing the gate behind him, he moved towards the bus stop. Oh, the wrist watch just abandoned his wrist and landed in the dirty drain. He looked at the watch and stopped immediately. His just couldn’t get why the sun of this world was beating him this much. Tears of hot pain dropped from his depressed cheeks.

Philemon, a Holy Spirit filled lively young man was ok with life until few months ago when the central part of his life could not hold the building of his hopes, aspirations, strengths and joy. This morning’s woes broke him into debris. The toughest part of his heart had been touched and the faith he leaned on gave way to doubt and fear. A devastating call from his family, a disappointment from his beloved and other vicissitudes of life kept him in the pot of depression. The thought of going home dawned on him but his legs couldn’t find the bearing to his house.

He sobbed for a couple of minutes and decided to go see Maame Akosua, the counsellor. Work was out of the time table that morning. He settles himself in a neat taxi as if to wipe his problem off but his woes were undeniable. Minutes later, he was at Maame Akosua’s place. In Maame Akosua’s office, he cursed himself for harbouring the idea of pouring his heart out to a human being.

A part of him hurts but he consoled himself that he needed a professional advice and a life battery from a good support. He looked intensely at Maame Akosua and said, “ma’am, I am a lost ball in the weeds and it is killing me.”

He opened his mouth to continue his story when masculinity gave way to raw emotional battle and the lock to the pipe of his eyes opened. He wept like a young lady whose heart has been broken more than two times and a third dagger was in her heart.

The story of Philemon continues…
Watch out for it.

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