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Tara Terror; absolutely dumped

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Their relationship ended with a phone call…

Tara had many suitors; men of substance and wealth. Most of them were older than her- about 7-10 years difference. They weren’t looking for fun; they were too old for that. They were decent men, they were responsible men.They wanted to wife her- she was a wife material.

She was a beautiful girl; though only 19 at that time, she looked mature and carried herself as such. Her reason for rejecting all these men was that they were older and could only be perverts if they came after her when she was still a teen. O please!🙃

Telling her that age didn’t matter especially if you’re above 18 did not change her mind to consider any of them, not even accepting the help they were offering to give her in career pursuits; she wanted to be a designer.

Around the age of 22 Tara was still rejecting men. She had become so good at it that people called her ‘Tara Terror’. She was proud of herself- she was deluding herself!😒

Tara was now 25. She met Bill at a party. Bill was not like any of the men who came after her. He was a year younger than her- information she hid from him. He was also fun-loving and interesting. He was also ‘guy guy’; those boys who wore tank tees and pulled the trousers bellow their waist. This guy!😉

Over the course of a few weeks, Tara’s defenses were lowered. She was crushing hard for Bill. He was sweet and caring and he always checked on her. He would say the sweetest things and buy her the most adorable gifts.

They started a relationship. Tara had fallen hard for this guy. He never pressed her for anything. But he knew how to get things out of her. She started giving him money when he was broke, cooking for him, and running errands for him. She didn’t mind; she had always been domestic and kind and she liked doing things for people.

He didn’t press her for anything until he did. To kiss and make out. He just wanted to feel close to his girlfriend. Others are doing it. Why was she so uptight? She became frustrated. She never planned on doing such stuff until she was married. So he became distant. Boys!😏

She pondered a long time, asking for advice from friends. She didn’t take the advice though; she missed her boyfriend and wanted to be close to him. So she gave in to making out with him. She was awkward because it was her first kiss but he seemed expert enough and soon she got the hang of it.

Two years and still dating. Her friends were worried about the direction in which her relationship with Bill was headed. She was practically mothering him. She would even burrow money, lie to her mom about buying books and such stuff just to get money to please Bill. To look good and to be generous to him. He never asked but then he never really had to. To Tara, not asking her for sex was a great sacrifice on his part. Until it wasn’t!

Now he wanted sex and no amount of money or food or pampering could hold him off. Her friends advised her to end things if she wasn’t ready. She saw them as jealous of her cute boyfriend as she knew they were having sex with their own boyfriends. She would fiend him off the issue; she was confident.

The conversation went south fast. She got angry and decided to end things. He pleaded. He loved her and didn’t want to lose her over sex. He even shed tears. Tara melted inside like wax.

Weeks later, Tara noticed a particular girl hanging around Bill, everywhere. In pictures, at parties and it bothered her. The girl was pretty but she was also free-spirited and flirty. One word to describe her was ‘raunchy’; she wore clothes that were very suggestive. Bill assured Tara that they were just friends but she remained paranoid.

At one such party, ‘raunchy’ scooped Bill away for a dance, with permission from Tara of course. She felt in control, till she didn’t. ‘Raunchy’ was practically giving Bill a lap dance. Tara’s stomach clutched. She was fuming. Why would Bill be dancing like that with her and in her presence? He had never looked at her like that when they danced. Was she not desirable to him? Questions!

She pondered till he brought her home. She asked him to stay for a while and that day, she gave up the cookie. Silly!

Now sex became an occasional activity and everything went okay for another year till Bill started growing distant. She hardly saw him, he hardly returned her calls and texts and when he did, he was evasive and inattentive. Did she do something wrong? He said no. There was nothing wrong.

Then he stopped picking her calls and texting back altogether. He stopped visiting and checking on her. ‘Have some pride’, she told herself ‘and let him be’. She let him be till she couldn’t. She called him to check on him. This time he answered the call. He apologized for how he treated her then gave her the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech. He doesn’t want to waste her time. He had to let her go. He’s really sorry. What!😠

It was over! Just like that! She composed herself with dignity and acted cool. She told her friends it was for the best but she was hurting inside.

Now she was wondering how the other men would have treated her. Better of course! Most of them were now married and those who weren’t were either engaged, courting or scared of Tara Terror. And nobody wanted to be her second option.

Now she is 29 and counting. She gave years of her life to an ‘otto pfister’ boy and their relationship ended with a phone call.☹️

Does age really matter? I’m not sure…

5 thoughts on “Tara Terror; absolutely dumped

  1. Wow wow wow. I must say this story is so real. Seriously age doesn’t matter at all to me. I wont say much about it. Just can’t stop reading on this platform. Waiting for the next story.

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