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Dating Fareeda; a non-believer

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She married another man four months after they broke up…

Nat believed that dating Fareeda would give him the chance to change her. She was not a Christian but she wasn’t practicing Islam either. He thought she was changing because she followed him a couple of times to church.

She was not a Christian and she was not a practicing Muslim- what made him think he could change her is a mystery but he was fooling himself.

He showered her with love and material gifts and even gave her money. Then sex entered the relationship; sex, money and fun become the core of their relationship. Without that, they didn’t have anything in common.

Sex and money drove the relationship. His excuse for giving her money was that she was business-minded and he liked that in a girl. And she did business alright; selling cosmetic online. But she became more demanding and he didn’t profit from the business because it wasn’t his- he was only helping his girlfriend make some money for herself. But what she was making wasn’t enough for her; she kept asking him for more.

She grew distant and from his investigation, she had another boyfriend; a wealthier guy. She told her friends that the other guy gave her money, Nat didn’t.

He asked her about it and she denied. He didn’t believe her because he had a lot of proof she was cheating but he didn’t know how to go about breaking up with her- her pictures were everywhere on his social media handles. Embarrassing!

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she asked for a very huge sum and he couldn’t give her. He told her he would get her some but he didn’t mean it; the money was for her to buy a plane ticket and travel abroad. Imagine! She quarreled with him over the issue.

She managed to get the money and bought the ticket. Then she told him that she was not sure if she would be coming back; it’s best they go their separate ways. Glory! That was all he wanted.

He cleared every picture of her off his social media handles. She was stunned by it. She reached out, annoyed and blaming him for the break up. Worse part, she asked him for money yet again. He acted evasive with her.

She traveled to the States and in her absence her friends began to reveal all her secrets to him; her cheating and all her other escapades. He pretended he was cool about it but he was in denial; he was deeply hurt.

She reached out again, to check on him. Call it guilty conscience! Or worse! Let’s find out.

In less than three months she announced she was coming back to celebrate her birthday- so vain and non constructive. Or so we thought. It was a cover to hide the real reason she was coming back so soon after traveling to the U. S.

He got a call from one of her friends asking him for the number of a baker he had ordered a cake from for her birthday when they were dating. The friend said they were getting a bachelorette cake for her bridal shower. Shocker! Worse part, her friend thought that Nat was the lucky groom-to-be, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked him. He gave her the number anyway.

It turned out that not many people knew she was getting married because it was low key- probably because the man in question was over fifteen years older than her; she just turned 22 this year. And he is not the guy she cheated with. No! Another man!

We saw the engagement pictures; they were beautiful. It looked more like someone and her big brother. It was also unclear if the man was a Christian or a Muslim.

Maybe it is her character but the question is, what do you expect in a relationship with someone who doesn’t share the same religious faith as you? Sex and money are the foundation of many a relationship. Inappropriate? Yes! But where do you draw the line as to who you date?

Can you change a non-believer? You are expected to try. Should you date a non-believer? Only you can justify your answer.

PS: I missed the bus stop and had to walk back😏

10 thoughts on “Dating Fareeda; a non-believer

  1. Wow so amazing. The guy thinking he could convert the lady is something real. We are always carried away by some little care and emotions and we end up making huge mistakes. I would have messed the lady up too. Pretending all cool and get hold of something to destroy her life. We both loose after all.

  2. Human beings take advantage of human beings; gender doesn’t favor anyone when it comes to who is to disappoint who.
    To talk of changing someone to me is a myth. Human beings don’t change human beings. Change is constant yet if one is required to change, only he/she can change his/her own self and not for a second party to make the change. Yes, a second party can advise, encourage, influence, aspire and probably facilitate the change but cannot change the person in question because change is a personal phenomenon.
    Dating someone who doesn’t practice the same religious faith as you do is unhealthy. There are couple of issues that pull down relationships by fuelling mistrusts, arguments and uncertainties and practicing different faiths is one of those issues.
    No one can tell what lies ahead in future nonetheless, we can keep doing what is right and hope for the better.
    #Nice and Educative Story

  3. Lol…simple yet complicated. Interesting thing is this looks exactly like my neighbors relationship. As a Christian I’m still waiting for the perfect advice because I believe “nothing is absolute.” Love is essentially the core of our believe.

    Good read Meg. I’d luv to read more

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