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Parenting is a full time job that yields positive results when done with passion and love. The art and skill of parenting has to be consciously developed to avoid many misfortunes. Are you a parent or a potential parent? Keep reading.

  1. Love your offspring: This love must be unconditional and timeless. Love is what changes a seemingly bad child into a virtuous person. Love is what makes a parent correct his/her ward in righteousness and in love. Insults, embarrassments and name callings do not help in child-rearing. There is an unwavering security in love and that is what fruitful parenting puts on the table.
  2. Listen to your children: The art of listening is a great task which is difficult to exhibit at times. However, whenever people feel there’s someone who is ready to grant them audience, they open up easily. A parent who listens to his/her children is seen as wise and ready for the business of parenting.
  3. Understand your ward: understanding is the product of knowledge. For you to understand your ward, you need to know your ward. You do not know your ward by merely providing needs but you know your ward by creating an atmosphere of openness and honesty. Parenting is a process that happens over a period of time. That is from childhood to adulthood. This implies that your ward will not remain the same forever. As a parent, you need to understand the transition periods of your ward and provide the necessary emotional, social, psychological, educational and physical needs to the child.
  4. Provide the needs of your child: Providing the needs of your child is the goal of reliable parents. All needs are necessary in this regard. Identify the need, meet the need and provide solutions if possible.
  5. communicate with your offspring and do not let anyone or anything come between you and your child. When you communicate with your children, it assures them that someone cares for them. You cannot afford to have children who think you do not care about them. It is fatal for children to condition their minds to think that their comfort is outside their homes. Get your children’s attention by communicating with them often.
  6. FINALLY, give your child a home, and you will be a proud parent over time.

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