Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

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KFC Coupons: They work…

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  • So some days a go I had a complaint about the KFC coupons and how I was cheated out of my order and overbilled. I also mentioned that I made a complaint to KFC about the issue.

Well I was called today and apologized to for the incident. It was explained to me that I should have gotten my order without any exclusions and shouldn’t have been overbilled regardless of whether I paid with a coupon or cash. The Dansoman branch manager will go into the matter and call the attendants to book.

All in all, I think this is what customer care is all about; taking the complaints of your customers serious because reputation is everything in business.

I also want to add  that those who work in such establishments should be careful of how they treat customers because if the business was not there, they wouldn’t have jobs. It is their duty to please customers; what’s a business without customers?

Anyway, if you have a KFC coupon and are skeptical about using it, don’t be. The KFC coupons work! 


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