Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

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I recently received a KFC coupon from a friend. He had gotten it from a transaction he made at a company where he had bought a phone. I was excited about the coupon. I noted the expiring date and kept it till 6th March, 2018. I just wanted to go ‘tear my mouth’ in celebration of our Independence Anniversary. Yeah well, we’ll see…

So I went to KFC Dansoman branch with my Fifty Ghana Cedis coupon and ordered the Zinger which was Twenty-Seven Ghana Cedis and the Street Wise which was Fifteeen Ghana Cedis. To my surprise the attendant said that I could only get one drink even though each package came with its own drink. ‘No problem’, I said. ‘…since I would still have change, can I top it up and get one krushers?’ He went to check with I didn’t see whom and came back to report that krushers is not available.

Then came the calculation- He spent over three minutes entering my order. In my mind I was thinking, ‘brother, I only ordered two items.’ After punching so many times onto the machine, he looked up and said ‘Forty-Nine Ghana Cedis’. I ogled at him. Really! 27+15= 49? Maybe my math was wrong. I picked my order and went on my confused way.

When we opened the boxes at home, the Zinger had three pieces of chicken but the Street Wise had no chicken at all. Seriously! Maybe it was an oversight- theirs or mine for not checking before I left but I should have really checked the receipt. I did and Street Wise was priced at Twenty-two Ghana Cedis. Seriously!

I don’t understand how because frankly, I have made an order of the Street Wise before and I paid exactly the Fifteen Ghana Cedis as stated in the menu for it and not Twenty-two Ghana Cedis as entered in my receipt. But aside from not getting two drinks for both Zinger and Street Wise, I’m wondering why I didn’t get chicken for the Street Wise and why Street Wise was Twenty-two Ghana Cedis on my bill and not Fifteen Ghana Cedis.

Not to be a crybaby or petty but I believe that KFC is paid by these companies for these coupons. I made a complaint on their website and I’m yet to get answers. Does the coupon work? Obviously! So my question: is there a difference between purchasing with cash and with coupons? Because it seemed deliberate.

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