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Ha! It doesn’t seem prudent to look for good things where they are not expected to be- the ideal man must come in a certain package. Friendships must be promising and accommodating.  Who would fetch dirty water to quench his or her thirst anyway?  We look for the best food at famous restaurants, clueless of the number of cockroaches in some of the kitchens and the many mice that help wash the very plates and pack the meals we proudly pay for.

Just wondering, what will make someone look for gold in a charcoal sack? It takes time but over time the man or woman overlooked for not coming in the desired package becomes prominent, affluent and powerful. And in that time, the realization is a low-blow – and o boy, that feeling sucks.

Just as the best food doesn’t necessarily come from the best restaurant, a good husband or wife may not immediately be of a great background, pedigree or standard. Surprisingly, the healthiest water is chemically untouched; straight from where it naturally springs, and not in a fancy glass bottle.

Looking beyond, guarantees the end to being in the singles’ market; looking pass the packaging (appearance and status) makes one value the content (personality and character). Look, search and analyze deep and hard for the long-term happiness; they are better than short-term goals (pleasing friends and looking good on social media). A well-cooked interior is better than a half-baked surface.

How on earth do we unearth gold in a charcoal sack? In my opinion, it takes two unbeatable elements: Wisdom and Discernment. It takes wisdom to appreciate and maximize the use of God’s creation. Discernment helps you to look beyond appearance, talk and the visible. A blend of these two elements helps to see the gold even despite the charcoal sack.  Does it mean that the people who do contrary are not wise and discerning? Of course not! But their thoughts are narrow wrongly influenced.


If Jesse and his sons had known that David would become a king, they would have treated him better. If only Joseph’s brothers knew the destiny of Joseph, they would have helped him to sleep well and dream more.  They would have cherished him and not have sold him into slavery. If Vashti had valued her position as a queen, she would have remained queen.

Put value on the bits and pieces and you will find out that your gold is starring right at you but you need to dig deep and tear it out.  So is finding gold in a charcoal sack reasonable? Perhaps not! Is it impossible? Everything is possible.


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